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Sengoku Jidai Shadow of the Shogun Physical with Free download

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Matrix Games – What’s Your Strategy?

What’s Your Strategy?

Matrix Games has been in business for over eight years now, and each year we grow as a company and as gamers. The most important philosophy of our company is we love what we make. We’re gamers first and then we take our love of games and put them into our products. The result has been a tremendous success.

Matrix Games now leads the computer wargame sector in innovation, customer satisfaction, and media recognition. We pioneered the idea of moving titles into an online format so we could reduce costs to our customers and provide them an interactive environment to chat with their peers. Our growth has come from working with some of the best developers in strategy gaming, from established wargame developers like SSG, 2by3 Games, and Panther Games, to new innovators like Destroyer Studios, VR Designs, and Western-Civilization as well as classic games from TalonSoft.

The result of over eight years of toil is a trend setting company that has reignited a passion for strategy games in many of our fans. We invite you to partake in the rebirth of real strategy gaming, join our community, and have access to the greatest mixture of strategy games available under a single roof.

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