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Recovery Mechanic Full Version

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Hard Drive Recovery Software / RecoveryMechanic

Recover Hard drive software by Recovery Mechanic allows to undelete files, repair damaged corrupted and inaccessible disks partitions, recover deleted files and lost folders, undelete lost and corrupted email databases.

How many times have you deleted really important files? Lots? Undelete them now!

The only thing you should do is download Recovery Mechanic. This product salvages almost all the files, including DOC, XLS, PPT and PDF documents, pictures, compressed and encrypted files. It is also suitable for recovering folders and damaged disks.

The utility of this product is in the following: it processes any storage media. Don’t get upset because of accident deletion of your favourite songs from Mp3 player or unique pictures from your camera. Our technology will solve these problems! All we need is your wish to restore them.

Don’t worry about erasing data from your floppies, external drives, even flashes and USB. You’ve got an incredible chance to get it back. Retrieve them with our technology.

Ensure your priceless work with data and save time.

The system keeps crashing and you’ve lost all your files, or dangerous virus has damaged your data?! Undelete it with our exclusive product!

Both long file names and those embodying non-English characters are admitted. This product retrieves all files and folders properly and sets aside access right when needed. As for the Interface, it is similar to that of Window Explorer’s.

We propose improved system of searching for deleted files and working with the recycle bin.
An incredible technology created in RecoveryMechanic for retrieving files from FAT32 volumes is used in our product. Due to this, it can retain files that cannot be discovered by any other use.

The recovered files can be saved to any location, including network, as long as that location is visible to host’s OS. Another perk of the program is it capability to create image files for entire hard drives, logical drives, or their parts and to process them like regular disks.

Visit for more info. The program is 100% FREE to download and try.

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