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QImageUploader Pro Eng v1 Full Version

QImageUploader Pro Eng v1 Full Version preview. Click for more details

Q-ImageUploader – Multiple image upload, Multiple file upload, Multiple image uploader, Image upload script, Flash-based bulk image uploading component

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Q-ImageUploader Pro creates fast Flash photo and image uploaders. You need it, if you want to equip your site with the ability of bulk photo uploading.

If you develop a photo hosting service, social network, dating site, image printing service, e-shop and have to allow your clients upload lots of photos with a single click, then Q-ImageUploader is for you.

Being essentially easy to deploy and configure, the tool saves a lot of developer time and effort.

More Features:
Multiple images uploading
Propose your users a good and fast mass image upload.
Automatic client-side image resize, compression and rotation
Set resizing and compressing limits in the application and allow users to upload to server compressed images only. This feature can substantially reduce traffic, uploading time, and server disk space requirements.
Flash Player wide popularity
When you choose between Flash and Java image uploaders, keep in mind that Flash player is installed on 97% of Internet user computers, while Java is on 73% of them only ( Also don’t confuse Java and javascript.
Browsers and platforms compatibility
Due to prevalence of Flash player your image uploader will look the same in all modern browsers.
Choose a ready template or create your own skin
Depending on your needs you can whether use a template created by our designers for you or build your own brand new photo uploder.
Add Intro
Put some important information or advertisement into Intro part of your uploader.
Use Controls
Controls allow to add information to the uploaded images (names, tags, comments, album names, print sizes, etc.)
Thumbnails & Details
Allow your users to choose between Thumbs and Details views of the image uploader.
Drag & Drop
It’s easy to mix photos with the simple Drag & Drop functionality.
No Flash skills required
All that ActionScript programming job we have already done for you.
No additional software
You don’t need to buy any expensive developing studios to create and customize Q-ImageUploader.
Professional approach
This tool is oriented for more advanced users, because you will need to organize an interaction between image uploader and your server. However don’t be afraid – examples are provided.
Easy Start
It is very easy to start using QIU. However, if there are any questions you can use Q-ImageUploader Help tutorials or contact our responsive support team.
Free trial
Download a free trial version of Q-ImageUploader and enjoy it!

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