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SSH Client For Windows – Private Shell

Advanced SSH client for Windows with autoconfiguration. Use Private Shell to establish secure shell and secure ftp connections. Establish SSH connection either using GUI or command line (ssh.exe, scp.exe are included). Connect CVS via SSH using Private Shell SSH client for Windows. SSH Tunneling (port forwarding) feature is available in Private Shell. In addition to ssh client Private Shell also includes powerful SFTP client for Windows (SecureFTP client).

SSH protocol is one of the most reliable security solutions currently available. However, as most solutions that came from the Unix world, it never was user-friendly and easy to use.

With Private Shell, SSH is made easy with no compromise to its power and features.
Various authentication methods, fully adjustable terminal window with support for many terminal modes, built-in secure FTP solution with familiar drag-n-drop interface, powerful Autoconfiguration Wizard that helps you setup basic and advanced SSH sessions (public key authentication, tunneling etc.) — these and other features make SSH available to everyone.

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