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Free bulk email marketing software|Email harvesting & email extractor tool. Search/extract/harvest email addresses from web

Free email address extractor, email validator & bulk email sender

Email Address Extractor is a powerful Windows bulk email marketing tool that can
extract all email addresses (and/or links) from the specified file. All file formats are supported (TXT, HTML, RTF, DOC, Thunderbird, Outlook, etc). Additionally it will filter invalid email

What can Email Address Extractor do for you?

Email Address Extractor can help you to collect email addresses for bulk email marketing campaign (sending bulk commercial emails/spam). You can even search in your email client’s (for example
Outlook or Thunderbird) address book file and extract all e-mails at once.


E-mail address extractor Features:

  • Collect email addresses
  • Prepare large marketing campaigns
  • Automatically filter unwanted email addresses:
    • Filter duplicate email addresses
    • Remove too long emails
    • Remove email addresses that contain too many numbers
    • Detect spam traps (like [email protected])
  • Filter garbage text (text that do not represent email
  • Sort email addresses by domain name
  • Sort email addresses by user name

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