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Your phone takes high-res photos? that’s great! But you may want to re-size them to a smaller size to easily email or mms it to friends and family. You can use Photo Editor Resize to re-size your images to a smaller size and a lower quality to save memory space and transfer times.

There are two ways you can launch the app for resizing photos:
• Go to menu and select the Photo Editor Resize icon to launch. Icon will typically be in Downloads folder.
• Go to gallery, select a photo, press menu and opt for “resize photo”.

The application will ask you for your new photo size and new photo quality. Select appropriate options and press “Next”. Review the resize options and press “Resize”.

Select smaller quality and image size options for the smallest possible resulting images. The output images will be saved in your photo gallery along with the original images and will take smaller disk size.
If you are not on an unlimited data plan, this app can save you valuable airtime. Instead of sending megapixels large photos via email and mms, resize them before sending to save upload times as well as data costs.

Memory Concerns

On some older devices, the app may need more memory for resizing photos. Make sure you have ample space left on the phone memory to make this app work properly. We highly recommend use of memory card for storing original and resized photos.

Problem Solving and Support

If you have any problems installing or running this app, please contact us on [email protected] because complaining in the review box will not give us your contact information so that we can help you. We at believe in 100% customer satisfaction and provide value for your money. Please don’t hesitate to write to us on [email protected] if you have any problems or suggestions.

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