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Photo Editor Paint for Storm Full Version

Ever wanted to add some artistic finishing touches of your own to a picture on your BlackBerry®? Or maybe you wanted to take a picture and add some notes for future reference? Now you can do all that and more! – We are proud to introduce the latest member of the photo apps family – Photo Paint!

Photo Paint is an amazing application that allows you to modify and change any images on your BlackBerry®. You can:

• Draw in different colors
• Create shapes and lines
• Fill the shapes with colors from an extensive palette
• Add text

Photo Paint is both a fun and useful app. You can doodle on pictures and send them to friends or you can take pictures of notes and slides (or pull up images sent in emails) and add your own text or diagrams before sharing them with colleagues.

Use your BlackBerry® to play with your pictures and really make them come alive!

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