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Panzer Corps Corps 43 PC Download

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Slitherine Ltd

By the summer of 1943 the Allied army, under the command of General Dwight D. Eisenhower, is ready to launch Operation Husky. The goal is to liberate Sicily and use it as base from where to land on mainland Italy. By acting decisively and swiftly the Allies can strike at the “soft underbelly of Europe”.
Will you be able to overcome the resistance of the Italian army? Will you land successfully and open the road to Rome? History is in your hands!

The second instalment of a mega campaign covering the entire African and European campaigns of the United States. Carry over your troops from US Corps ’42 and to US Corps ’44-’45!

16 scenarios:
Gela counterattack
San Fratello
Salerno landing
Defence of Salerno beachhead
Volturno Line
Operation Diadem
Anzio link-up
Anzio landing
Anzio defence
Anzio breakout

US Corps ’43 is an expansion for Panzer Corps and it requires Panzer Corps to be played.

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