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iBizCard is powerful yet easy-to-use business card design software which supports production of various kinds of Business card, Staff card, Membership card and Interactive CD business card. With its built-in templates of different categories and detailed video tutorials and explanations, you can design your unique business card in an instant.

There are two production modes, namely the Business card mode and CD business card mode.

Business card mode:
1.Support multi-layer typeset
2.Support inserting various images, words, graphs and bar codes (Code39)
3.Support image processing, such as transparence, rotate, color etc.
4.Support high resolution output.
5.Support typeset print
6.Support batch producing business card, staff card or membership card in both database mode mode.
CD business card mode:
1.Support multi-layer and multi-page typeset
2.Support inserting modules including video, audio, word, image, hyperlink and so on
3.Event trigger function and built-in easy-to-use script allows you to produce interactive CD business card with ease.
4.Support virtual publish directory function
5.Support generating CD business card as executable file.

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