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Zip Unzip By Click Pro

CLICK HERE FOR AN EASY AND FREE MICROSOFT WINDOWS STEP BY STEP GUIDE ON HOW TO ZIP. OFFICIAL ZIP FILE FORMAT USED HERE. Unzip files or zip files. Create zip file archives. Zip file archives can easily be created and unzipped with only a click

Video Converter Full Version Video converter is an audio and video file format converter. Video converter reads a media file and maps the video or audio file data into another media file container such as avi or windows media video. Video converter can convert video file into an

JOAD Full version

Protect your java class files (applets or standalone applications) from Java decompilers and Java byte code editors. Using this great tool you can do name obfuscation, control flow obfuscation, constant string encryption, remove debug information, optimize your java class files and much more. Protecting your

Checkers Draughts Game Full Version

Draughts – Play a free board game of draughts checkers. Play against your computer with international rules on 100 squares containing a light or dark checker. Checker game. Play checkers / draughts strategy board game against your computer. Play with good graphics and multiple levels